What was once a child’s dreaming thought will soon become reality in your life.  On that beautiful day, your wedding day, many friends and families will join together in celebration of a new union between two people. It will be a new chapter in your life. The celebration might last but one day or a few days, but the memories will last a lifetime. Your lifetime and your future generation’s lifetime.

How would you like to remember that special and unique moment in your life?

My name is Brian Di Croce and my passion lies in documenting beautiful and unique moments at weddings for couples starting a new life together. Based in Montreal, Canada, couples have trusted me to document their weddings in many different places around the world. Past clients have described my photographic style as honestmodernbeautiful and timeless. By continuously shifting the creative eye to capture key moments throughout the day, my objective is to photograph your wedding in a true storytelling fashion so that you may forever remember the essence of that special day.

Though my clients may not live and breathe photography on a daily basis, they do value the art of photography. One photograph has the power to save a marriage, to heal a relationship and to inspire the very core of a person to open up for another individual. Together, we work as a team to create something special not only for the present times or for ourselves, but for the future and for a generation not yet here.The reality being that after the flowers have dried, the dress tucked in a box in the attic, the shoes hidden in the back of the closet, the cake eaten and long gone, the emotions and moments swiftly forgotten, and the ceremony venue potentially no longer existing, how would you like to remember that very special day of your life?

I understand and happily accept that my style may not be for everyone, but if you have managed to read this line so far, I would love to chat with you about your wedding plans and show you what I could do for you, working together, not only for the present moment, but for the future generation. You can get in touch with me through the contact page. Our studio takes a limited number of wedding commissions per year, in order to provide an outmost excellent and authentic experience for each of our clients.