An Exhilarating Montreal Engagement Session at La Ronde Six Flags


Six Flags La Ronde, Montreal (Quebec)

When Marie-Claude and Joey suggested that we plan their engagement session at Six Flags La Ronde, little did I know that I was about to have just as much fun as them. These two are the epitome of a fun, genuine, warm and approachable couple. We started the session photographing just outside the amusement park. The Pont Jacques-Cartier bridge served as a little reminder of where we were. From there, we went in the amusement park and tried to incorporate as much as possible the environment, all at the same time while photographing our couple to bring life into the image.

A few weeks later, we had the opportunity to photograph Marie-Claude and Joey’s wedding in Montreal. I cherish these two until the day my memory no longer serves me well. I wish you both one thing: never stop being who you are no matter where you are. Your positive attitude is contagious and we need more of that in our lives.