An Intimate Montreal Wedding at the Manoir Grant


Manoir Grant, Valleyfield (Quebec)

It’s a fact that COVID changed the world. However, there are a few virtues in life that remain constant despite a global pandemic. Love and hope are such virtues that we all hold dear to our hearts regardless of what’s going on around us for which we have absolutely no control.

Jeremiah and Hannah are the perfect embodiment of these virtues. Their relationship is based not only on the love they have for each other, but also on the love they both have for God. That bond is the strongest we can experience in our lives. As for hope, well, their hope for the wedding was simple: gather the people that have helped them be who they are and honor them at their wedding. Planning a wedding in the midst of a global pandemic isn’t easy. It can be quite stressful because of so many uncertainties. With today’s technologies, we can now reach so many people at the same time. So after inviting the allowed number of people for a backyard wedding ceremony at the Manoir Grant in Valleyfield (Quebec), their next strategy was to set up a wireless camera system in order for invite even more people to attend the ceremony online.

The morning started with the men getting ready at Jeremiah’s family home with his brothers and groomsmen. The day continued with the bride getting her hair done by the wonderful hair artists at Modelo Spa in Montreal. Sofia and her team did such a wonderful work on Hannah and her mom. After that, we headed to the beautiful venue that is the Manoir Grant where Caroline and her team made sure to provide a most excellent experience to the couple and guests. The ceremony had beautiful Filipino traditions such as the parental blessings and the Yugal which consists of the tying of a three-braided cords signifying the strong connection between the groom, the bride and God. The reception also took place outside in the evening. Decorated by warm lightbulbs and candles, the reception tent was an inviting place for the bride and groom to share tender moments with their families, friends and guests. Some of the funniest, warmest and genuine speeches we’ve heard were shared during the night.

We’re thankful to Jeremiah and Hannah, as well as their beautiful families for allowing Momentura Studio to document their wedding. It was an honor to work with them in making something memorable, tangible and creative for all of them.


Hair Stylist

Modelo Spa

Ceremony and Reception Venue

Manoir Grant